Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys Usually Don't Indulge in Silly Attacks on Elected Officials, but Ed Flint will always make an Exception.

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I've had some fun poking at elected officials, since they are fair game and deserve a little satire from time to time, and I've especially relished comparing photographs of some office holders of today with certain notorious characters who bear strong resemblences to the aforementioned elected person. I have noted that Senator Mike Lee looks a lot like Ross "the Intern" Matthews of Leno fame; that State Rep. Carl Wimmer resembles Ernst Rohm, the Nazi SA leader murdered during Hitler's "Night of the Long Knives;" I mentioned once that my old law school classmate, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff resembles a cross between Martin Borman (look him up) and the actor, Christopher Plummer in a parody photo concocted by the City Weekly rag (which includes Wimmer, that's how I got the idea of Wimmer being Rohm's doppleganger).

But another former law school classmate of mine, Utah State Rep. Brian King (Democrat, Salt Lake) also bears a striking resemblence to someone else of note, namely, Barry Williams (Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch TV series of the early 1970s). Both gentlemen's photos appear above, and now that Williams has hair again, he and Brian look an awful lot alike.

Can you tell them apart? Brian is a good sport, and I don't think he'll be too pissed at me, but I have to wonder one thing: We know that Greg Brady, er, Barry Williams wears a toupe (or had plugs or something done, since he was as bald as a cue ball a few years ago) and is pushing or past 60, but Brian is at least my age (51) and still has a full head of completlely dark hair. I'm like almost totally silver (but still have all my own hair, so eat that, Jon Grimes). And he's in POLITICS! 

Maybe Rep. King uses "Just for Democrats" hair coloring.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Best Criiminal Defense Lawyers in Utah Include the Most Colorful, Outspoken Advocates when Your Ass is On The Line.

Edward D. Flint, PLLC

It's sometimes validating and more often with grim acceptance, that I hear what other lawyers and judges are saying about me. After our recent victory at the Utah State Supreme Court in the State vs. Branson Parduhn case, you might think that prosecutors or lawmakers would be upset. In gaining this powerful victory for the poor, those who cannot afford to hire an attorney, or who lose their job while their case is pending, the Parduhn victory gives a giant Jesus-ray of hope.

By this same token, Utah's cities and counties will need to pony up more money for criminal defense costs for indigent defendants. When my partners, Jonathon W. Grimes and Sean Hullinger met with the Salt Lake County Council last week, to give an overview of the ramifications of the Parduhn case, Council member David Wilde, a fellow member of the Class of 1985 at the University of Utah College of Law, asked, "So, you guys work with Ed Flint? He's a very colorful character" or words to that effect, and added that he thought I was "a damn fine lawyer." Other fellow classmate Mark Shurtleff, Utah's thrice elected Attorney General, was a bit more blunt, of course, recalling all of the times I have castigated him for seeking publicity, that "Ed Flint is a name you only hear when your ass is on the line," and probably added under his breath, "or whenever someone is criticizing me in public."

I note with great anticipation that two other elected lawmakers from the Utah Class of 1985 have yet to so comment on their old classmate.  Brian King is a Democratic Representative to the Utah House and a leader among the handful of Democrats left in the Utah Legislature.  Greg Hawkins is the Salt Lake County Auditor, an office just about nobody has heard of, and even fewer can accurately describe what the hell they do at the County Auditor's Office.  Neither Brian nor Greg have mentioned me (or, at least it hasn't gotten back to me, yet) or my lawyering skills, although I have mentioned them from time to time.

But I digress.  All of these classmates of mine, and many other elected officials are going to have to deal with the cold, hard reality that ALL persons accused of crimes in Utah are protected by the US Constitution and the Utah Constitution, and that if that person is too poor to afford a lawyer OR the defense resources needed to adequately represent him, the government has to pay for it.

And that's a hell of a good job of lawyering when our client's ass was on the line.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Most Colorful and Outspoken Utah Lawyer Blasts Italian "Justice" System

Edward D. Flint PLLC

So, Amanda Knox is finally vindicated and released from an Italian prison for a murder she could not have committed. Millions of eyes focused on the outcome of this tragic comedy of an Italian opera, mostly curious about the pretty American girl seemingly being mistreated by foreign idiots who don't seem to have a clue about justice.  And you would certainly be correct in that assumption.

Of course, you have the family of the murder victim, some upset because the victim has been "forgotten" in all of this (bullshit number one) and others because "justice" was not served, meaning that they didn't get any more pounds of flesh for their loss (bullshit number two). The reality is quite different, in that a drifter was also convicted and confessed to the murder. Problem is, although it appears he acted alone, Italian police and prosecutors wanting some publicity, self-aggrandizement and feeling the need to play God with people's lives, pressured this guy to also blame the dead girl's roommate, and made up some ridiculous story of kinky sex partying turned bloody.

Somehow, most of us in the good ol' US of A believed she'd be freed by the appellate court, regardless of evidence or legal rationale, because the whole episode had become an embarassment for Italy. None of us could understand how she could be tried at the same time for slander or how a jury could be a combination of citizens and judges, but that's the way they do it over there.

And the way we do it over here is so much better . . . that Florida executed a man despite witnesses recanting testimony and claiming they were threatened by police and prosecutors if they did not falsely testify in the man's orginal trial; that Texas just had to let yet another death-row or life-in-prison inmate out because he was wrongfully convicted years ago; that Utah also has begun, finally, to allow prisoners who can prove their innocence to actually do so, be freed and be compensated for their wrongful incarceration.

The Italians may be deficient in their methods, but much like the economy, homelessness and medical care, we need to improve our situation here at home before we spend too much money and effort overseas. So the Italians eventually got it right, and all is well. Tourists can return to Italy, and to Utah, since all's well that ends well.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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We have moved.
You can now find the most talented trial lawyers in Utah at:
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This blog is likely to change or roll over into a new blog, for the new office, and the new website, and the even newer outlook we have for the future. Or, I may keep this blog separate from the one we will use for advertising purposes, so I can continue to swear and bad-mouth local politicians in print.

Many thanks to all four of my readers for having clicked on some 8,000 pages of this blog in the past year. You have been very busy, making it look like people actually pay attention to this drivel. Since we will all be packing and unpacking for the rest of the week, my attention is a little diverted and I currently have nothing pithy or snarky to say.  Here, that is.  Follow me or friend me on Facebook under "Ed Flint" to see my latest knee-jerk reactions to jerks without knees, my lengthy arguments with atheists and right wingnuts, and my odd alliance with a number of Tea Party folks, where we have the common goals of preserving our Constitutional rights and limiting government intrustion on our personal liberties. Watch out for falling obscenities and go slowly around sarcastic roadsigns.

And go UTES!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Former Utah State Legislator Kevin Garn Revisited by Ghosts of Hot Tubs Past

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Just moments ago, news broke of the murder of a woman associated with former Republican legislator Kevin Garn, who tearfully admitted to having spent an evening naked in a hot tub with this same woman when she was only 15 years old. I recall his resignation at the end of the legislative session some two years ago, where Garn received a standing ovation from his comrades, much to the chagrin of everyone with any morals, which clearly does not include the Legislature.

The story of this woman, Cheryl Maher, that emerged was both salacious and evidence that the priviledged members of society live in a different universe than the rest of us. Ms. Maher alleged, and Rep. Garn admitted, that in the mid 1980s, he induced the then 15-year-old girl to remove all of her clothing and join the totally nude Garn in his hot tub. He denies any inappropriate touching, but Geeeezus, unchaperoned naked underage girls in hot tubs seems to be an obvious indiscretion.

Over many years, Garn communicated with Ms. Maher, and ultimately paid her a $150,000 bribe to keep her mouth shut, and officially, to compensate her for the emotional distress of having the visual memory of hot tubbing with a naked old man. However, she reneged and blackmailed Garn for more money. That's when he up and quit the Legislature on the last day of the session, and admitted this wrongdoing.

Then the local media actually got off their asses and did a little research on former Mormon Bishop Garn, discovering that he also had a DUI a few years ago. Ms. Maher faded away from interest until today.

Now, word is that an intruder entered Cheryl Maher's home and murdered her, then killed himself. Details are elusive right now, but I doubt that Garn paying more money to her would have made any difference.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Snarky Salt Lake Lawyer Notes "Twins" Separated at Birth

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I've made the comparison before, that newly minted US Sentator from Utah Mike Lee (second from top picture) looks remarkably like Ross "the Intern" Matthews (top picture) from Leno/Tonight Show fame.

But, doesn't Utah politico and State Representative Carl Wimmer (bottom picture) look an awful lot like Ernst Rohm (he's the Nazi)? I have learned, to my chagrin, that just because Sen. Lee looks like Ross the Intern, it does NOT mean that the Senator supports gay marriage. And I am certain that Rep. Wimmer is NOT affiliated with the S.A. but the physical resemblence is notable.

Who is your doppleganger?